Starkey Valley - Day 10

Well I've reached double digits in terms of days played on Stardew Valley. And Steam has me clocked in at 44 hours. Sounds about right...

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Key

As I anticipated in yesterday's entry, the Skull Key I collected at the bottom of the mine did indeed get me into the new mine over at the Desert. And that placed is kicking my ass. I really miss having the incremental check-ins every 5 levels.

During my first foray into this new mine, I discovered that this one has mine shaft holes that will bypass a random number of floors. Using one for the first time, I traveled down 7 floors and was almost immediately killed by a beast.

Needless to say, I'm nowhere near achieving the quest objective of reaching level 25.

Year One Wrap-Up

I finished up the rest of Year One today. In doing so, I:

  • Leveled up all of my tools to gold.
  • Restored the Community Center Fish Tank
  • Attended the Secret Santa-inspired Feast of the Winter Star Festival. Gave Pierre a diamond (which I'm pretty sure he did not like too much) and got a dinky little Ancient Doll from Jas - which she admitted she found in the dirt somewhere last year. The little girl pretty much gave me her garbage. Thanks!
  • Donated enough items to the Museum to get the key for the Sewer. Weird guy down there sold me another Stardrop so I'm swimming in energy.
  • Upgraded my Coop and Barn and added some Ducks and a Goat to my menagerie.


I've pretty much been keeping the peace with Abigail. We even had an impromptu jam session in the woods because she plays the flute and apparently I just carry around a mini-harp with me everywhere I go. Despite this blossoming relationship, however, I was still determined to get my revenge and win the Egg Festival in Year Two.

As soon as the timer started, I bolted off left and effectively circled the town square area clockwise, grabbing every egg I could find. With a whopping ten eggs in hand as the time ran out, I was feeling pretty confident. As sure enough, I took home the grand prize...

...a crappy Straw Hat.

But just like the father in A Christmas Story who held his Leg Lamp in such high esteem, so too will I treasure this Straw Hat.

I just won't ever be caught dead wearing the damn thing.