Starkey Valley - Day 9

Decided not to go all Groundhog Day in Stardew Valley today after all. I mean, I almost did when I was suddenly down to 4 hit points in the mine, but I managed to get myself out of there safely.

"Elphie Loves You"

Starting off on a serious note amidst the flurry of jokes I usually pepper in these posts. As I mentioned way back on day two, I named my dog in the game Elphie, after the poodle Catherine and I shared that she now takes care of after the break-up. I only get to see the real Elphie once or twice a month these days. Catherine and I grabbed lunch last week and brought her along and it warmed my heart.

Tonight, after nearly a year of taking care of her in-game, I went outside to pet her like I always do and got the message :Elphie loves you" with a little heart after it. I smiled. Then frantically tried and failed to hit the print screen button before it left the screen. So I guess that moment was just for me.

Level 100. No. Wait. The Bottom of the Mine.

My initial story tonight was going to be about reaching level 100 in the mine. But then while I was waiting for the next little bit to wrap up, I kept going and eventually reached the bottom and collected the special Skeleton Key. Now, I've already got a pretty good idea where that key will lead but I haven't checked yet.

Instead I'm enjoying the spoils of my adventures in the mine. A crap ton of gems. A sexy Obsidian Blade that is incredibly effective at Slime-icide. Even Space Boots, buried deep beneath the surface of the earth for some reason. Or...oh my Stardew Valley set on a world other than Earth?!?!?! Have I been an alien all this time?!?!?! Mind. Blown.

Nah...probably just a cool set of purple shoes.

A Good Ol' Fashioned Barn Raisin'

The reason I was able to delve further into the mine was because I identified that building the Barn was gonna be my third tale for today's post. But then I needed to wait until it was actually built and all so I had more time for mining and murdering.

With Trove Farm now equipped with a Barn of its own, I picked up a pair of baby cows to go along with it. Winter is nearly done so I should be fine on hay but I'll need to start growing some grass pretty quick come Spring time so I don't have to waste money buying it.

Bonus: You can see my sexy purple Space Boots, the Barn, and Elphie all in one picture.