Starkey Valley - Day 8

On tonight's episode of Starkey Valley, shit got real in the mine. But first...

A Real Fixer-Upper

So as best I can tell, you can take the easy way out and buy a 5000G Joja Membership and turn the Community Center into a warehouse or you can do what I'm doing and collect a whole bunch of random odds and ends to complete the various bundles and pick up random rewards.

I had already purchased all of the cash bundles in order to unlock the Vault and doing so repaired the bus out to the Desert Oasis area. Today, I managed to unlock two more areas, meaning my Community Center is half restored and everyone in the town will love me soon!

First, I accidentally smacked my Hoe to the ground (phrasing!) and unearthed a Snow Yam, which was the last bit of Winter foraging needed to restore the Crafts Room and repair the bridge to the quarry,

And I made my way down past level 80 of the mine, where I was able to track down the last Fire Quartz I needed to repair the Boiler Room and fix the mine carts. And holy crap is it nice to have a way to Fast Travel around the town with those mine carts?!

Gone (Ice) Fishin'

It's very amusing to me that, despite my many failed attempts at fishing in real life, I'm actually quite good at it in this game. It's so much more rewarding actually catching fish, even if they're digital facsimiles. I should have just told me family to suck it all those summers we went to actual lakes and threaded actual worms on hooks (or the far more frequent neon pink and green Play-Doh-like bait).

Anywho, the first Winter festival called for an Ice Fishing competition. And I nailed it! I was gonna be really annoyed if somebody beat me because I got a fish last minute that they didn't count (even though it was clearly in my hands before the time was up Willy!!!). Fortunately, six fish was good enough for the win and admiration and respect of my peers.

Is This What Death Feels Like?

Oh yeah, and I died today.

Sort of, I guess.

I got a bit overzealous trying to reach level 90 in the Mine. I got an Insect Head sword thing that's doing way more damage than the dinky Steel Sword I had been using and I was feeling really good. Mining a ton of gold ore so I can upgrade the rest of my tools.

But then I got attacked by a swarm of bats. And I'll be damned if the sons of bitches didn't flutter around me and help me fly to safety so that I could eventually fight crime and drink scotch with my cool butler friend. No.

Instead, they beat the crap out of me until I more or less died. Linus was kind enough to pull me to safety but I lost a lot of money and items (and apparently about 8 floors worth of memories, whatever that meant?). But that didn't sit well with me so I chose to close out of the game. I'll just replay the 10th of Winter tomorrow and avoid dying instead. Or maybe I'll go full Groundhog Day and die/reset a bunch of times until I've learned what's really important in Stardew Valley and finally get to the 11th of Winter.

Bonus Anecdote: Treasure Trove

ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone aka the guy behind Stardew Valley must be a fan. I'm mean there's an achievement practically named after me. That's gotta be how it works, right? Right?