Starkey Valley - Day 7

So much for resting on the seventh day. Who's got time for that when there's work on the farm to be done?!

Spirit's Eve (Not to Be Confused with Summer's Eve)

To wrap up the Fall season I headed into town for their little Halloween-esque Festival. Chatted with a bunch of the townsfolk. Walked through a spooky maze (good thing the Wizard isn't a bad guy because I can do without spiders and Legend of Zelda-esque hands attacking me in the comfort of town. Anywho, solved the mystery of the maze and grabbed the Golden Pumpkin there. Also got another Rarecrow. Because Stardew Valley Trevor is a collector of random stuff just like real-life Trevor

Winter Wonderland

As of this writing, I'm about a week into the Winter season. I upgraded my house so I've got myself a brand-spanking-new Kitchen and Bedroom. I'm slowly but surely upgrading my Tools (everything is Steel at the moment, hoping to start upgrading to Gold). And I'm spending a lot of time fishing and mining. Oh, and I just got myself a Mayonnaise Maker. Because sometimes you want a sandwich and they're just no good dry.

It's Like the Old Gypsy Woman Said

Way back at the Stardew Valley Fair, I spend 100G to have the Fortune Teller tell me my future. Sadly it didn't lead to a hilariously half-hour episode of The Simpsons where Lisa is the President of the United States and Bart is a free-loading threat to national security. But she did tell me that I would remember Linus' birthday when nobody else would.

Aaaand then I forgot about it.

But on the 2nd of Winter, I remembered what she had said and thought, "crap I probably missed it!" only to find that his birthday was on the 3rd. God I am really lucky with my timing in this game so far.

Anyway, the next day it was snowing but I hung around his tent until she showed up in the evening and I gave him some food. He was touched and became my first 5-heart-level friend in the game. Awwwwww. So sweet. Friendship is magical.