Starkey Valley - Day 6 (Part Two)

As I alluded to in Part One, I put a lot of hours into Stardew Valley yesterday, covering about an entire season's worth of content in a single day. Yesterday, I covered the joys of recycling, raising chickens, ogling jellyfish, and making a buttload of money in the Fall. Here's the rest of the story.


I've not shied away the trouble I've had with Abigail in this game. Ever since she thwarted me at the Egg Festival, we've had our issues. But being the generally good guy that I try to be, I decided randomly to offer her up a flower from my farm as an olive branch. Of all the days for me to choose, I happened to stumble upon this peace offering on the 13th day of Fall: Abigail's Birthday. (I was so shocked by the serendipitous timing that I didn't even think to grab a screenshot of the moment).

Soon after, during a routine visit to Pierre's, I found myself welcomed into Abigail's room only to discover...

As it turns out, Abigail is a fellow gamer. So I sat down to play some Journey of the Prairie King with her...

And suddenly she's flirting with me...or...making a masturbation joke at my expense.

Either way, I'm about 99% sure we're going to get married now and this has all been the first act of our romantic comedy where we hate each other.

That Penn and Teller Game aka Desert Bus

Using my newly acquired wealth (thanks to selling a ton of eggplant, pumpkins, corn, grapes, etc.), I decided to purchase all of the bundles in the "Vault" section of the Community Center. The ultimate reward for completing these four bundles was those little "Not-Slimes" repairing the bus out to the Desert Oasis.

So I took the time to investigate this newly found area. There's definitely a lot more going on over in that area but so far I've only bothered to pick up some of the specialty seeds from the store there and forage a bit of the cactus plants and coconuts (which finished up another of the foraging bundles...yay!). I'm curious to return in the long, mostly-empty days of the Winter season to investigate.

Stardew Valley Fair

In the first event of the Fall, the Stardew Valley Fair gave me a chance to show off some of my prized-possessions (shown above as some fishing trophies, a nice mushroom, jams/pickled veggies, and a couple of mining rewards), as well as play a handful of mini-games.

As I have become quite adept at fishing, I decided to play that mini-game a whole bunch until I had enough Star Tokens to buy all of the swag from the event, including a Rarecrow (my second) and the Stardrop, which permanently increased my energy. I wondered if the game had an equivalent to the Power Berries of the Harvest Moon series. Now I know.

So that wraps up Day 6 of Starkey Valley. I look forward to seeing what the Winter season has in store soon.