Starkey Valley - Day 6 (Part One)

So I spent waaaaay more time with Stardew Valley than I though I would today. I played through pretty much an entire season. So "Day 6" of playing is actually gonna be covered over two days of writing. Here's part one (with part two posting tomorrow).

I Get 5¢ for This, Right?

One of the weird neurotic OCD things I did in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was as follows. When fishing in the game, you would occasionally catch garbage like a boot or a tin can. While you could just throw it right back in the water, I would always walk the garbage into the town square and dispose of it in the game's only garbage can. Originally I thought maybe this would have some impact on the game. But even after realizing it didn't, I still did it anyway. I didn't want to re-pollute my town.

Fast forward to early this morning, when I learn I can craft a Recycling Center to recycle the pieces of garbage I've been catching as I fished and convert them into something more useable. Now, I get a stupid, giddy smile on my face when I snag myself a pair of broken glasses and can convert it to a bit of refined quartz.

Also, how many visually-impaired people live in this town and why do they keep throwing all of their glasses in the water?!

Chickens and Jellies!

Throughout the day, I decided to invest in building a Silo and Coop out on Trove Farm and began raising some chickens. I've been a bit more reticent to invest the resources into animal care in this game compared to a Harvest Moon game because time doesn't stop indoors in Stardew Valley like it typically does there. I'm used to filling my chicken coop and barn with as many animals as quick as possible because taking care of them never took time out of my day. Here in Stardew Valley, I don't have that luxury so I've chosen to spend these first few seasons growing a ton of crops to build up my finances. But now that I'm nearing the barren Winter, I'll have more time for animals, starting with my four chickens.

Summer wound down with a celebratory send-off festival involving jellyfish. I always appreciate these late day/evening festivals because it gives me plenty of time to get all my other chores done first and I never have to worry about rushing or running out of time. And apart from the occasional "Help Wanted" requests, these festivals also wind up being pretty much the only time I'm being particularly social in the game. So at least they come with pretty little glowing jellyfish cutscenes!

Fall (Think of a funny header to replace this with later...or not)

Very early this morning I wrapped up the Summer season with the jellyfish and as of this moment I'm about a day or two from finishing the Fall season. Fall is typically the most crop-intensive time in these games and Stardew Valley is no different as I have been easily breaking $10,000 days between the farming, fishing, and foraging.

I took the time to upgrade a lot of my tools this season. I'm mid-renovation on the house. I bought a couple of new fishing rods. I've been plugging away at helping out those weird little "Not-Slimes" in the Community Center and ticking off rewards bit by bit. It was a very busy, productive day/season around Trove Farm, including new developments in the ongoing drama between me and Abigail. But more on that tomorrow...