PAX East 2016 - Day One

Day One kicked off with our room of ten people slowly waking up and starting the seemingly never-ending cycle of showers. This is easily the worst part of this kind of arrangement. Fitting everyone in the room for sleep is tight but manageable. But being restricted to the one bathroom: oof. A few of the crew had media badges which guarantees early access to the show floor so they hopped in first. And some of the crew prefer their showers in the evening so they waited until after they were back at the hotel. But when all ten (now eleven since Kinda Funny admin Kaylie Woomer joined us this morning) are in there at once and conscious it is a bit chaotic.

Eventually the core group of us non-media folk packed up and headed out. Xyger stayed behind to pick Kaylie up from the airport but the rest of us started the 30-minute walk to the Convention Center. Upon arrival, we hung out in a huge line to get through the bag checks (which will just apparently never not suck), then into the Convention Center. With the Kinda Funny Panel starting at 11:30, a bunch of us starting queing up. And the 3DS Street Pass puzzle pieces started flowing aplenty.

The Kinda Funny panel was a ton of fun. It was great being in a room packed with fellow fans and Best Friends. I’ll cover it in an entry dedicated to the panels later in the week.

After the panel, a bunch of us headed down to the Expo Hall show floor. It was immediately apparent that PAX East is roughly ten times bigger than PAX South was (or at least that’s what it felt like). I went to meet up with and hug Andy (from Rooster Teeth!) and then kind of just hung around the Rooster Teeth booth through the Kinda Funny autograph session. During this, I hung out with Sean Pitts as a ton of fans came through and got pictures and items signed with/by Nick, Colin, Tim, and sometimes Kevin (Greg was off hosting panels). A couple of the Best Friends that I’ve only really interacted with on Twitter came up and chatted with me. So thank you to Michael and Paul for being super awesome! As the auditions wound down, Xyger and Kaylie finally showed up and I jumped in and got a picture with the guys. Then they all ran to the bathroom and Sean, Kevin, and I held down the fort.

*Side note: Sean just asked if I called out how good he looked today. So I’m adding it here. Yes, he looked good. But he was having a bad hair day (by his own admission).

** Side side note: Poor Fred Sullivan from Knerds was mostly out of commission today. Poor guy. Get well soon, Fred!

*** Third side note: Xyger says hi.

**** Fourth side note: No more side notes from my other six roommates.

When they got back, Nick was kind enough to invite Sean, Xyger, Kaylie, and I to join the guys (and Tim’s lovely girlfriend Gia) for some Five Guys. It was great to just hang out with the guys in their down time and chat with them about how things are going with the transition to their Rooster Teeth partnership, a couple of our collective thoughts for possible Kinda Funny Live ideas, and I showed Nick the Tom Hawkins mash-up of the Aerobics Championship video and “Pony” by Ginuwine. He loved it!

After food, the guys went their separate ways and we went back to the show floor. Traffic around there today sucked so we eventually bailed on our Uber and just walked the rest of the way instead. We visited the Filthy Casual booth and Loot Crate booth, where Alex met up with us. We headed upstairs so Alex and I could attend the “You’re a Games Journalist! Now What?” panel, which I’ll also detail later.

While Alex and I attended the panel, a lot of other members of our group hung out and charged their phones just outside our panel. Then we all headed to dinner. As some of us have discovered from Kinda Funny Live or PlayStation Experience, trying to get dinner with fifteen people is a pretty tall order. Fortunately, after one failed attempt, we landed at a great place near our hotel called Rock Bottom. Shortly after we started getting our food, we noticed Cliff Bleszinski at the bar. And then a few minutes later, Adam Boyes and Gio Corsi came in, as well.

Gio was gracious enough to come and talk PlayStation, PS VR, and Vita with all of us. He’s such a great guy. Kaylie had her Vita on her and got a picture and Gio handed her a slip of paper with four Vita/PS4 codes.

***** Okay, one last side note, but it’s mine. A deep-fried Cuban sandwich might be one of my new favorite foods.

Then back to the hotel to wind down the evening and cram eleven human beings into a far-too-cramped room. Because we’re insane. Sean is now quizzing people on if a phrase is a real or made up Jiujitsu move. And while Scorpion Deathlock might not be real, Alex gave a fairly amusing demonstration of what it might be involving the penis as the stinger...

See you tomorrow, PAX!