Starkey Valley - Year Two Wrap-Up

Most of today was spent packing up for my flight to Boston in the morning for PAX East. But I also squeezed in some Stardew Valley for the first time in a few days. I was about halfway through Winter of my second year so I figured I’d just wrap things up.

Happy Home

By now the routine is pretty standard. I wake up, give Abby a kiss and some amethyst, go take care of the animals, water the crops in the greenhouse, and then get in some winter fishing or slime-murdering. Side note: I finally murdered my one-thousandth slime and got a nice new ring that keeps them from doing any damage to me, which made venturing into my Slime Hutch was less bothersome.

And Baby Makes Three

A day or so into today’s playtime, Abby let me know she was pregnant. Yay! So I kept fawning over her and making sure she was doing well every day. And as we went to bed at the end of Winter, I got a message that Abby gave birth to a baby girl in the middle of the night. Then I panicked because it was all happening so fast and I hadn’t even thought of a name for her. Yet suddenly, I was typing in “Joy” as her name. Welcome to Trove Farm, Joy. Your mother and I love you very much.

Doing Granddad Proud

As soon as we welcomed little Joy into the family, I was also visited in the night by the spirit of my Grandfather who left me the opportunity to run. With nearly $600,000 on hand, a beautiful wife and daughter, and friends all across town, Granddad was proud of the work I had done and wished me the best moving forward.

So with the main “story” complete, I’ll probably write up a formal review of the game next week after my PAX East coverage wraps up. But if you’ve missed any of my Starkey Valley exploits, feel free to read up on them while you wait.

Thanks for reading! These have been a lot of fun to write!