Starkey Valley - Day 5

I had an ridiculously lazy Saturday filled with pretty much nothing but sleep and some Stardew Valley so here we go...

What's Shakin'?

A day or so into today's play session, I went to bed, heard some rumbling, and saw that there was an earthquake overnight. Having played Harvest Moon games, I figured this either messed up my farm or unlocked a new location in the game. But nobody swung by my farm the next day to let me know "Hey! Did you feel that earthquake last night? You should check out XXXXX and see if everything's ok?" So it took me a few days to discover that a path to the spa had opened.

A common feature of these games, the spa serves as a much-appreciated location to restore stamina. So after I've spent the morning water my abundance of crops and chopping down a couple trees, I can spend an hour in the spa to build my energy back up for some cave dwelling and Slime murdering.


Speaking of cave dwelling, I've made it down to level 35 in the cave so far. Not nearly as far as I could have gone if I'd taken the opportunity to just use the elevator more but sometimes I enjoy just working my way slowly down from the first level. Way more Slimes to kill that way.

That said, I think my new nemesis in these caves are the maggot/bee things that start out as ground creatures, then metaphorphisize into flying foes that relentlessly assault from all directions. Thank god I picked up a new sword somewhere along the way to boost my combat.


Every day, this game endears me me a little bit more because it is so clearly a love letter to the Harvest Moon series I grew up loving. Today's example of that came in the form of the Luau Festival, where all of the townsfolk meet at the beach for a potluck and you are invited to throw a food item into the big pot.

There's even a special guest in the form of the purple-clad Governor in attendance at the festival. This immediately resonated with me as a combination of the Harvest Festival and Cooking Festival from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (as well as other iterations of the game). As shown in the images below, Back to Nature featured a big ol' pot that everyone threw food into in its Harvest Festival, and the Cooking Festival featured a character who only appears at this event: the purple-clad Gourmet.

Little touches like this scream out that this is a game made for people like me.

In other news, no new Abigail drama. I've just been avoiding her. She knows what she did.