Starkey Valley - Crazy Big Update Edition

Huge day in Starkey Valley today. But first, let me bring you up to speed on some of the other highlights from the past few days.

Spelunkin' 2: The Deepening

When last we met, I was going through a bit of a regular routine: farm, mine, sleep. Well during a particularly rainy day where I didn't have to spend have the day watering my plants because I haven't had a ton of Iridium to invest in crazy awesome sprinklers, I headed to the Skull Cave early with extra rations to help me when the mummies, slimes, and way-too-fast-flying-Chinese-dragon-things started kicking my ass.

This happened to be a very lucky run through the caverns as I was able to quickly find the occasional ladder on my quest down to level 25. I also happened to stumble upon a couple of mine shaft holes. One of them dropped me THIRTEEN levels. That was half of my trip in one fell swoop. Eventually, I made it down to mother freakin' level 25 and then immediately got the hell out of there and back to the safety and comfort of Trove Farm. The next day I was rewarded with 10,000G. Sweet! Pretty sure I used it buy a damn Iridium Sprinkler.

Greenhouse = Goldmine

With wool-producing bunny rabbits just hanging our with my chicks and ducks in the Super Mega Awesome Funtime Coop, I was able to finish the last bundle of the Pantry in the Community Center and those cute little bloop bloops fixed up the Greenhouse on my farm. Now, in my Harvest Moon experiences, the Greenhouse was basically the last, most expensive farm upgrade you could get. And then a damn tornado or hurricane could strike your farm one day and destroy it, meaning you'd have to spend a crap-ton of money again to rebuild. But since I don't foresee these little not slimes requiring me to redo that bundle, I'm guessing the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley is a more permanent structure. Awesome.

So the pro of the Greenhouse is that you can plant any seed from any season in there year round (even during the Winter). The con is that its protected from the elements so even on rainy days, you have to water the plants yourself. Fortunately, that Iridium Sprinkler I picked up is already coming in handy.

In order to keep a steady flow of cash coming from there, I've got a few 3x3 patches of Corn, Tomatoes, Blueberries, and Green Peppers. But then I've also got pretty much every other inch filled with a combination of the super-lucrative Ancient Fruit (from the Ancient Seeds), Starfruit (purchased from the Desert Oasis), and Sweet Gem Berry (from the Rare Seeds you can buy at the gypsy lady's cart by the lake). After a couple seasons of this, I'm currently sitting at $500,000+G so I probably don't really need to work anymore, right? But I do it anyway...

Some Other Miscellaneous Stuff Before We Get to My Big Day Today

  • A freaking WITCH flew over my Coop in the middle of the night one evening and left me a mysterious Void Egg, which I threw into my Incubator and hatched a Black Demon Chicken. I raised her up and then threw one of her Void Eggs in the Incubator too so now I've got a couple of black demon chickens with red eyes just casually chillin' with the rest of my chickens, ducks, and rabbits.
  • Abby (yeah, I call her Abby now) invited me over to her place one night for an after-hours Ouija date. It was cute. She started to spell out how much she loooooooooves me. Then she got super embarrassed and kicked me out.
  • Went to my second Luau Festival. Spiked the potluck soup by throwing some Beer into it. Awesome!
  • As I started amassing my fortune, I invested in a lot more upgrades and whatnot.
    • Fully upgraded my house with the second floor and future nursery/kids' room.
    • Upgraded to the Super Mega Awesome Funtime Barn to match my Coop. Picked up a couple of pigs and a sheep for truffles and more wool.
    • Planted lots of fruit trees.
    • Upgraded all but my Hoe to Iridium level badassery.
  • Built a Stable and got a horse named Snarky.
  • Built a Slime Hutch and started raising my own I can murder them whenever I want, of course!
  • Oh yeah, I learned Dwarvish, read a tombstone in the graveyard, and got a frickin' Galaxy Sword which has made the spelunkening soooooo much easier!

Alright, so all of those things happened over the last few days. Here's the greatness that occured today.

Suck It, Pierre!

Up first, I went to the Stardew Valley Fair with one goal: to beat Pierre and his snooty little grange display. I mean, come on. He's the shopkeeper. Where exactly is he doing all of this farming to bring in such plump tomatoes, pumpkins, yams, and whatnot. My theory: he's not. He's just buying them from his supplier and showcasing them as his own. Not cool, Pierre.

So I showed up ready to play, with a variety of goods shown above. You've got an Ancient Fruit, some Goat Cheese, a Diamond, a Starfruit, a Sweet Gem Berry, a jar of Ancient Fruit Jelly, a bit of Truffle Oil, an Iridium Bar, and a jar of Wild Honey (no need to go overboard and bring in any flower-scented flavors).

The look on Pierre's face was priceless when he lost to me (even if it was the same look he always has). I JUST WANT YOU TO THINK I'M WORTHY OF YOUR DAUGHTER, PIERRE!!!

Lucky Rabbit's Foot My Ass

Going into the Fall season, I only needed two remaining items to finish up the Bulletin Board and completely restore the Community Center. On Day One, I got the Pomegranate I needed from one of the trees I had planted on the farm.

Then I waited...

Day after day, week after week, just waiting for one of my rabbits to give me a freaking rabbit's foot. Eventually, I even got rid of a couple of my chickens to free up some space in the Coop for two more rabbits to try and increase the odds. And I checked in with the crazy lady and her pig-drawn carriage every chance I could on the off chance I could just buy one from her. But nothing.

Finally, after nearly two full seasons of taking care of those damn rabbits every single day, I got not one, but two rabbit's feet and immediately headed to the Community Center to finish the bundle. With the Center fully restored, I returned home to rest and enjoy whatever treasure the next day would provide.

As the reward for that particular set was "Friendship," I awoke to nearly a dozen pieces of mail from neighbors all across Pelican Town inviting me to try out some of their favorite recipes. Then I headed to the Community Center.

Everyone was so excited for the old place to be up and running again, fully restored. Then, as if it were an 80s movie, the evil corporate manager from Joja Mart came by and threatened to squash everyone's happiness by offering a crazy sale at his store before Pierre earned my respect and stood up to the bully, offering that all-too-cliche inspirational speech about sticking together because together, we can accomplish anything. But yeah, since I put in all that damn work to get the place up and running again, that Joja Mart guy can suck it! And he was certainly allowing me to transfer all of my pent up anger to all the shitty managers I had to deal with working in actual retail for years. So screw that guy and everything he represented. Suck it Joja Mart. We don't want you here anymore!

You can't make it out, but I'm saying, "Fuzzy pickles!!!"

You can't make it out, but I'm saying, "Fuzzy pickles!!!"

Like Bruno Mars Said, "I Think I Wanna Marry You"

Literally the day after we 80's-movied Joja Mart out of existence, the town came together yet again on Fall 25th to celebrate the nuptials of Abby and I.

What a whirlwind of a year and a half? A roller coaster of emotions from that first Egg Hunt to now. From enmity to love, she has always been on my mind. Thanks for being the inspiration for the first spark of "Starkey Valley" Abigail. I look forward to where our adventures take us next.