Starkey Valley - Day 4

After taking yesterday off to watch and cover the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, I returned to Stardew Valley this evening. Let the madness ensue.

Gone Fishin'

Spent quite a bit o' time down at the beach/lake/river catchin' some fish today. It took me a while to warm up to the mechanics. The fish moves up and down that little blue strip next to my character and you have to click/click and hold the mouse button to move the green box so it encompasses the fish. Doing so raises the bar on the right side (but when the fish moves outside the box, the bar drops back down). Get the bar all the way to the top and you caught yourself a fish. I started out sucking. A lot. But I eventually got the hang of it and started a CARP-ton of fish. Get it? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!.

Also, note the time of day. Heh heh heh.

You Can Dance If You Want, You Can Leave Your Friends Behind

Made it up to my second Festival today: the Flower Dance. Buuuut since I've been mostly in full introvert mode as I focus on getting my farm up and running, nobody wanted to dance with me. Thanks so much for welcoming me to the town Star-douchebags. Yep I just looooooove getting rejected by all the eligible women (and men) in town because I've only been here a few weeks trying to provide you idiots with food and keep your town from being overwhelmed with monsters from the nearby cave. But yeah, shun the new guy. Real nice.

Well la-di-frickin'-da Abigail. Clearly your life is just  full  of disappointments and you should just do us all a favor and leave town.

Well la-di-frickin'-da Abigail. Clearly your life is just full of disappointments and you should just do us all a favor and leave town.

Summertime (and the Livin's Easy)

After a few really solid harvests near the end of Spring, I just kicked off my first Summer buying a whole assortment of crops. My bronze watering can is coming in handy as it makes it quicker and easier to water all of the different plots I've got lined up. I also upgraded my Axe which means I can now chop down some of the trees on the farm. I've pretty much been treating the Northwest quadrant like the rainforest as I just cut it all down. I used the wood gathered from my own personal deforestation efforts to rebuild the bridge down at the beach. Don't really know what I should be looking for on the other side so that better not have been a waste of 300 wood. Or I'll just have to keep mowing down my little forest.

Which I was going to do anyway.