Starkey Valley - Day 3

Welcome back to another installment of Starkey Valley. If you're just joining us, Abigail beat me at the Egg Hunt yesterday and now I hate her forever.

Screw you Abigail. Now you're flaunting your sex life at me, too???!!! Argh! You're the worst!!!

Anyway, I got through a few more days and passed the halfway point in Spring.

That Big, Beautiful Chest

Since Day 1, I've been playing and thinking, "man, I miss having a storage box that I could throw unwanted tools into to free up some inventory. Harvest Moon did that waaaay better." But today I discovered that I could craft a freaking chest to store all that crap. So I finally offloaded my Fishing Rod and stuff like Stone and Wood. Of course, then I almost immediately purchased a larger backpack and suddenly I could be a walking hoarder again. Yay!!!

Dungeon Crawler

I'm gettin' real good at killing things in the mine. And now that I had all that extra room in my backpack I was finally able to start collecting all of that monster loot. I've been checking the bulletin board by Pierre's store and I'll be damned if that Mr. Wizard isn't just as genocidal toward Slimes as I am. So as long as he keeps paying me to murder 'em, I'll keep delivering their retribution.

He Who Smelt It, Dealt It

Finally, I wrapped up my evening in Starkey Valley tonight by smelting some copper bars out of the copper and coal I've been collecting during my Slime murder sprees. Then I took those copper bars and traded in my watering can for an upgrade. Sure, I could have waited until it would be raining so I wouldn't miss a day of watering my crops. But screw it, this'll just leave more time and energy for LARPing as the Stardew Slime Slayer!

(Note to self: investigate the possibility of crafting a cape...)