Starkey Valley - Day 2

I spent most of my evening after work on a personal development project so I sadly didn't get too much more time with Stardew Valley tonight but the few days I did play through were pretty eventful.

Man's Best Friend

Up first, the decision to identify as a dog-person instead of a cat-person in the character creation screen came into play today as one of the townspeople found a dog and invited me to adopt it. Of course I'm going to adopt it. Since Catherine took our little poodle Elphaba in the break-up, I can use this digital new Elphie to fill that void in my life. That's healthy, right? Shut up voice in my head and just let me appreciate the little heart speech bubble that appears when I pet her.

Adventure Time

With my crops steadily performing well, I took some time to investigate the mine. I reached the Level 5 elevator shaft and collected enough copper to build a furnace, which I then used to smelt a copper bar and oh my god suddenly the world-wide phenomenon of Minecraft makes sense to me.

Years of playing games in the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series have prepared me for the genocide of Slimes so I also took my beat up little sword and hacked away at enough of those little bastards to be welcomed into the Adventurer's Guild.

I Am the Eggman (goo goo g' joob? Really

Lastly tonight, I attended my first in-game holiday: the Stardew Valley Egg Festival. Fitting that it came a day after Easter as I ate my leftover ham and remembered that I left the Easter Egg my grandmother dyed for me in the refrigerator at my parents' house. I was hopeful that the last two people I need to meet for the Introductions Journal Quest would be there but alas, they were not. Way to be anti-social Star-douches!

Anyway, after visiting with everyone else, I went ahead and triggered the Egg Hunt. I thought I was doing pretty well all things considered (i.e. me having to take a couple seconds to realize where some eggs might be but once I got going I was on a roll). So when the timer ended and the game brought me back to the awards ceremony I was feeling preeeettty good about myself.

Then Abigail won instead.

It's such a shame, Abigail. We could have been such good friends you and I. But no. You and your purple hair just had to show me up in front of the children and everything. You will rue the day, Abigail. Sleep with one eye open...