Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory Review

Following the dramatic highs of Episode 2Life is Strange wisely doesn't try to top the tension of the previously climax. While the school, and even the larger community of the town, are in shock over the events surrounding Kate in the previous episode, Episode 3 focuses on the relationship between Max and Chloe. Once again, minor spoilers to follow.

Earlier in the story, it was made apparent that Max and Chloe were the best of friends five years earlier, before Chloe's father William passed away and Max moved away. Chaos Theory delves into this past. In their search for more information to hunt down Chloe's missing person Rachel Amber, they sneak into the school after hours and break into the Principal's office. Then the two enjoy a quiet moment in the school's pool before the overnight security team interrupts and you flee.

Now the problem with time travel is that I was left in this moment just saying, "okay. Now that I know the guards are coming, I should rewind time and we can get out before they spot us." But that's not the puzzle the game presents. Instead, it places Max in the locker room and you have to learn the guards pattern, using your rewind power to avoid being spotted in there.

Once you escape, Chloe takes you back to her house and you wind up getting a bit more back story on what caused her father's death, setting up the chapter's end game where you somehow travel all the way back to the day William died. And you now have the foresight and ability to change that event. But that event, in turns out, has drastic consequences in the present day, leaving the episode on a great cliffhanger for Episode 4.

A few more clever puzzles fill out the episode but the real hook hear is the friendship between Max and Chloe. Occasionally during the loading screens I would see text suggesting that your actions affected the past, present, and future. I was left wondering how I could change the past and Chaos Theory answered that question spectacularly. I'm left pondering whether I made the right choices and if there's a way I'll be able to undo the events I've set in motion.