Favorite Games List - PlayStation 2 (Part Five)

Well my screening of Deadpool got postponed due to a fire at the theater so I guess I'll make the best of a bad situation and do a bit of writing while I wait. (I ultimately did get to see it. Just had to wait an extra couple of hours but hey they felt bad about the whole "fire" thing and gave everyone a couple of free passes.)

As always, to recap:

Now let's go ahead and wrap this console up with a trio of duos...

X-Men Legends/X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse -  In honor of Deadpool, I thought I'd kick off this entry with these gems. I absolutely adored the X-Men cartoon growing up. And I picked these games up in a used pile at the local Game Crazy when I was in a superhero mood one day. Playing through these action RPG's as some of my favorite mutants was a treat. I'm almost surprised Activision hasn't returned to the series to try and cash-in more on the popularity of the films.

God of War/God of War II - I always really enjoyed Greek mythology growing up. I don't know what it was that fascinated me so. Maybe that the gods all felt so human with their own flaws. But I was all to happy to dive into the brutal sandals of Kratos and his quest to defeat Ares and later Zeus. In addition to the delightfully brutal twist on the mythology, the action was pretty enjoyable too. The power fantasy of destroying hordes of enemies with Kratos' blades and the various godly powers was really satisfying and the games were very beautiful from a graphical standpoint.

And yeah, as a guy who wasn't exactly getting much action with the ladies when I was playing through these games, I was quite content to enjoy the bevy of naked women in Kratos path.

Boobs are awesome!

Dark Cloud/Dark Cloud II - To wrap of my favorite games of the PlayStation 2, I'm ending on this pair of games from Level-5. As I wrote when discussing my favorite games on the Super Nintendo, I thought the original Actraiser was something special in how it combined the action genre with a world-building sim and the only games I ever felt really tapped back into that were Dark Cloud and its sequel. Going through the games' dungeons level by level to collect the world's building blocks, and then building up the various towns in the games in order to get gear to upgrade your weapons provides a great gameplay loop with both genres fueling each other spectacularly.

I was absolutely overjoyed when Dark Cloud was one of the first PS2 on PS4 titles. I've been slowly chipping away at it in between all of the other games I've been playing so far this year and I'll do the same with Dark Cloud 2 once I'm finished with this one.

On a more personal note, Catherine decided to end our relationship a few weeks ago. It has been a very trying time and it has thrown a lot of my plans for a loop. But as I continue to try and sort my life out, being able to easily revisit one of my favorite game series has been one of the few bright spots during these dark days. Some people binge on comfort food when they're going through a break-up, I've been playing through a comfort game, instead.

Thanks for reading. Truly.