Favorite Video Games - PlayStation (Part One)

Now that we're entering the realm of PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and beyond, I think I'm going to occasionally break these up into multi-part posts. I probably could have done this with Super Nintendo as well. Maybe I'll revisit that system at some point in the future. In this meantime, let's visit some of my Favorite Games from the original...


My first experiences with the PlayStation were playing it somewhere other than my own home. By this point, my family was firmly in the Nintendo camp with the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy so it took awhile to introduce another system into the house after the lackluster experiences with Sega. The timing of nearly 20 years ago is fuzzy but we probably even got the Nintendo 64 before the PlayStation, despite the PlayStation being on the market a year earlier. This was still a time when my father typically waited until he found a system at a garage sale or at the Swap Mart he worked at on the weekends. So my first introductions to the system were playing at my best friend's house or even at the house of my church's youth pastor. I don't remember really anything else about him except that  it was thanks to him that I was able to get my first exposure to...

Final Fantasy VII - Even before I had a PlayStation of my own, I was playing Final Fantasy VII at the youth pastor's house or at my best friend's house when I got to spend the occasionally weekend with him all the way over in Mesa (the fact that this twenty to thirty-minute drive felt like a trip to the other end of the country when I was 12 gives me a good chuckle now). As covered in my SNES right-up, Final Fantasy IV and VI are two of my all-time favorite games. And since I at the time thought we had jumped from Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo all the way up to Final Fantasy VII, I remember thinking that at the very least the graphical shift to 3D felt like it made more sense and wondering what the three games in between must've been like, not realizing Nintendo of America just wasn't localizing them all so the numbering got all screwy.

Eventually, when my dad brought home a used PlayStation with a few games and a non-descript purple memory card, I was overjoyed that this game was among the collection. I really enjoyed the Materia system and characters. And at the time, the graphics were game--changing. Looking at games critically, it still ends up behind the Super Nintendo games when I think of my favorite Final Fantasy games but there's no doubt in my mind that this was definitely my favorite when I was first playing it back then.

As of this writing, I'm replaying it on PlayStation 4 and might put together a proper review soon but the last little feather in my Final Fantasy VII cap was that, because this was one of those games that came out in the early days of the internet, I spend a lot of my middle school days trying to build a GeoCities website dedicated to Final Fantasy VII. I was slowly putting together a Walkthrough of the game and had a ton of character bios and pictures. And because it's what you did at the time, I'd lie and tell people I was making all sorts of money off of the advertisements on the site. My first foray into managing a website...

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - The sequel to one of my picks on the Super Nintendo list, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature stands as my favorite iteration of the game to this day. Adding to the addictive rebuild your grandfather's farm and play nice with the townsfolk, this game was bigger and better in every way. There were more townspeople to meet and befriend, a wider variety of crops and animals for your farm, holidays and time-specific events to engage in, and a series of weekly TV shows you could "watch" (i.e. read the text descriptions while an image appeared on the screen) including cooking shows, a romance, a Power Rangers-esque show, and home shopping (to buy kitchen items for your cooking). In addition to still having the disc-version and it's instruction booklet that had a handy calendar so you knew not only when holidays were but also when everyone's birthday was, this is one of the PS Classics I keep on my PlayStation Vita and revisit every now and again.

Alright, I spent a lot more time on those two games than I was anticipating and I'm tired so I'll continue this list tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!