PAX South - Day Three

If anyone asks, I've always had this...

Now then.

My third day at PAX South started off with a three-hour volunteer stint for If you don't know, Take This is a non-profit organization focused on educating people about mental health issues and trying to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. They run the AFK Room at every PAX event where people who might need a break from the crowds can just go relax. Sean and I got hooked up with them through some IGN friends and Sean managed to rustle up the troops so we were basically half of their volunteer force over the weekend. While the rest of the gang helped out Friday, today was my turn. They're a really great organization. I'm definitely going to try to help them out at future events.

Another cool PAX thing I got introduced to while manning the Take This table: the PAX Pokemon League. PPL is an unofficial fan-run event where they invite attendees to battle them in the latest Pokemon games. They have Gym Leaders and Elite trainers scattered throughout the event who will award their own personalized badges when defeated. If I were still playing Pokemon games, I'd definitely consider giving this a go. 

After my shift wrapped up, I went out to the show floor to purchase some gear I'd had my eyes on. Namely a "BUTTS" shirt with Tina from Bob's Burgers. But it being the last day of the convention, they had a special deal on multiple shirts. So I ended up picking up two more shirts: a Rick and Morty one and one title "Forever Gamer" with a ton of references to gaming iconography. As a bonus, I got a couple of posters. And then I saw their 8-bit glasses so I added two more to my ever-growing collection.

From there, while a few friends went over to play Super Fight, I went out to lunch with Sean, Andy (from Rooster Teeth), and Alex. This was particularly nice because I barely got to see them during Day Two. We had a delightful lunch down on the Riverwalk at a nice place called The Rivers Edge. After a somewhat disappointing week in terms of quality food and service, this place was a refreshing turn of events. Our waitress was great and the food was delicious. But enough of Trevor the restaurant critic.

After lunch, we were back at the conference and we checked out a few more games before all convening near the main PAX South sign for a Kinda Funny group photo. And we got to meet-up real quick with friend and fellow Blondenerd, Brittany Brombacher. We bonded over our love of Harvest Moon at PSX so she gave me a tip to check out Story of Seasons on 3DS. And if I can find my 3DS, I absolutely will.

Then we got our group picture and started to say our goodbyes. Overall, I had a great time at my first PAX event. I went almost entirely to hang out with my friends and I got that. I knew going into the event that this one wasn't going to be overly impressive in terms of new games or panels (an end-of-January event doesn't exactly play well with marketing calendars). But the event provided a ton of great memories and gave me the opportunities to spend time with some of my best friends. I won't be surprised if I wind up hitting an event every few months this year. We were already talking about PAX East, Kinda Funny Live 2, and RTX plans.

Thanks for everything PAX South!