PAX South - Day Two

I got in!

I won't name my co-conspirators or our methodolgy (because snitches get stitches or whatever), but I was able to get into the show today.

Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely!

Buuuuut, I'm also the reason five of six of these people are even here in the first place so karmically, maybe the money I brought in through them makes up for the fact that PAX's system is so screwy that I couldn't buy a Saturday pass from anybody but scalpers.

Anyway, once inside, I hung around on the show floor a bit, walking around and checking out more of the show floor. For example, I learned today that a company named Songbird Ocarinas was there selling everyone's favorite Hyrulian musical instrument. I checked out a few more games over in Indie-land so stay tuned.

While my co-conspirators wandered the show flow in search of lanyards, light-up ice cubes, and BAWLS, I hung out and relaxed with some more Bastion on Vita. The biggest event of interest for me today was the "Getting into the Gaming" Industry two-part panel. About an hour beforehand, me and my crew sat down in line and chatted to kill time. It was here that Frank discovered his new life goal to work for BAWLS soda, and spent the rest of the night pitching marketing puns for the company. Joining in the fun, I suggested the Kinda Funny needs a new integration: "Love and Sex Stuff is brought to by BAWLS."

The panel itself was very insightful and even though it was focused on getting a job on the developer/publisher side of things, pretty much all of the same advice applies to getting into the games media side of things. I took copious notes, so I'll share them in the panel write-up in a couple days.

Since none of us had eaten since breakfast, we decided to head on out for food. And since Sean was out doing his own thing all day, there was absolutely zero pressure to grab Whataburger so we grabbed Fuddruckers instead, hanging out there for awhile before heading back to the hotel.

And while I wrote, and the guys played Smash, we discovered that Xyger spent the last couple days thinking the painting on the wall was a window (and on the other side of that "window"? The restroom).

Bonus: Here's a great video of last night's meet-and-greet my friend Christian put together of last night's meet-and-greet. Give him some love over on Twitter @pixelbrave. And check out his YouTube channel for other highlight videos he made back during PlayStation Experience.