PAX South - Day Zero

Hello from San Antonio!

For the next few days, I'll be writing about my experience from PAX South. For those who missed the turn of events that led up to this trip, you can catch up here.

So today was day zero. I never wound up getting a Media Badge. I didn't really expect I would as I have a minimal audience (thanks though), but I figured PAX South would be my best opportunity of scoring one. And by the time I heard back, Saturday passes were sold out. So currently I only have passes for Friday and Sunday. But I'm hopeful I can swing something for Saturday.

I spent the morning packing and getting ready for the flight. Around 1pm, fellow Arizonan Frank (@irrelevantjokes) met over at my place and Cat drove us to the airport. Outside of a meetup at Portillo's a few weeks back, Frank and I have really only interacted digitally. But the language of video games served us well as we basically visited all the way through security, the hour and a half at the game, the two-hour flight, and the Uber to the hotel. There, we met up with Xyger and Luis and headed up to the room. Luis, as the first Patreon guest on Kinda Funny, was very curious to hear about my experience as the second guest so we swapped stories.

Then, it was time for a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. on Wii U. Now, despite picking up a Wii U last year, I never ended up playing Smash enough to even unlock the other characters. And Frank hasn't played since the Gamecube. So this was all Xyger and Luis - the two people I think of whenever I think amiibo. They graciously offered to play with items for us. And fortunately that gave us the smallest chance of winning. But no, they still dominated.

Eventually, we got word that the birthday boy himself Sean Pitts had arrived. After dropping off his stuff in the room, we all walked down the street for some Whataburger. I'm pretty sure most of the people who came in after us were also in town for PAX. There were gaming shirts and Twitch hoodies aplenty.

And now we're hanging back out in the hotel. While the rest of the gang picked up Smash again (and now Runbow), I figured it'd be the ideal time to do some writing. We still have a couple other roommates showing up later tonight so if the rest of the gang goes to sleep so they're rested for their TakeThis volunteer shifts, I'll be hanging out with my Vita.

Now I'm gonna go back to the schedule and try and figure out what to see while I'm here.