Co-op with Catherine #7

Between Fallout, PlayStation Experience, and our holiday travel schedule, it has been awhile since Catherine and I sat down and played together. But when my family unloaded about 13 LEGO Dimensions packs on us yesterday, we thought it was a perfect time to revisit the game.

But first, Catherine was adamant that we find a way to display our massive collection. So after a few minutes searching online, we found this video from TalkBricks featuring a setup that Cat really liked. It's a simple variable collection display case with three stands that can be arranged into a variety of configurations. It is sold online through The Container Store but even better for Catherine and myself is the fact that a new Container Store just opened by my work a couple months back so we went there and picked up all four they had on the shelf (sorry other local collectors of things).

While out and about we also found ourselves out at a Best Buy. Earlier in the day, I had done the research to discover that of the LEGO Dimensions sets that have been released so far, we were only missing two: Cyborg from DC and Jay from Ninjago. Jay is a Toys 'R Us timed exclusive apparently but I used a Best Buy gift card to pick up Cyborg at the Best Buy.

Later, we were exchanging an item at Bed Bath and Beyond for Cat and there just happened to be a Toys 'R Us next door, so we figured "why not?" and got the final set.

And now we're going through and building them all.

I don't yet know if we'll get any actual playing in tonight but it's fun nonetheless. I'm sure I'll post pictures of the full collection once we're done.