Favorite Video Games - PlayStation (Part Two)

I touched on two of my favorite PlayStation games last night so let's dive into some more, shall we?

Dragon Warrior VII - As I touched upon in my Nintendo and Game Boy segments, the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games hold a special place in my heart just as the Final Fantasy series does. Much like the running theme in my top games of 2015 was 100+ hour experiences, Dragon Warrior VII fit that same description when I was first playing it 15 years ago. While the Final Fantasy games on the original PlayStation embraced the new technology and focused on 3D graphics, Dragon Warrior VII instead kept the series 2D sprites intact and poured the resources into an incredibly dense main campaign. Despite pouring over 100 hours into the game on at least two separate occasions, I still never completed the main story.

But the beauty of Dragon Warrior VII was that it was filled with dozens of smaller self-contained stories. You and your party traveled through time restoring fragments of the old world, piece by piece. Each island or town you would revisit in the past had it's own story that you would get caught up in and resolve before that city would reappear in the present day, restored thanks to your efforts.

On top of that, I spent hours upon hours just grinding through the game's job system. Maybe 30 hours into the story, one of the islands you unlock allows you to start adding the games many job classes, each with 8 levels. Mastering combinations of these classes not only gave you new skills and magic, but would unlock even better classes to pursue. Want to be a TeenIdol? Great! You just have to master the Dancer, Bard, and Jester classes to unlock it. One of the reasons I never finished the main story was because I often fell down the rabbit hole of trying to master as many jobs as possible for my whole party.

A remaster of the game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in summer 2016 in the form of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden. If you have one, I think it's a must have.

The Game of Life - I grew up in a family that loved classic board games. We spent tons on time playing Monopoly, Risk, and The Game of Life. The PlayStation version is pretty much the same as the board game but with extra PlayStation-era animations. This was a fun mindless distraction in the days before mobile or even Facebook games. Plus, it was one of the last games my whole family played together before I moved out of the house for college.

And it was way easier than trying to get the little pink and blue pegs into the cars. For some reason, that was just always a huge pain in the ass for our family and our fat fingers...

Chrono Cross - Because I missed Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo, Chrono Cross was actually my first entry into the series (even though I had the Final Fantasy Chronicles collection with Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger on PlayStation). Chrono Cross, as someone who didn't have its predecessor as a reference point at the time, was a fun RPG that I played following the strategy guide as closely as possible to maximize all of the different party members I could collect. Playing the game again after Chrono Trigger definitely reveals how much fan-service is in there from the original game but it I still found it a fun stand-alone in its own right. And I will always associate the game with the Barenaked Ladies because I was often listening to Stunt and Maroon on repeat while playing this game.

So those are a few more of my Favorite Games on the original PlayStation. Stay tuned for the third and final part tomorrow.