Co-op with Catherine #2

"I hate Mr. DNA! He represents waiting and I hate waiting!" - Catherine Carpenter

Since my last installment of Co-op with Catherine, our playthrough of LEGO Jurassic World has continued between my ridiculously long sessions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (which you can read about here) or when she just wants to sit down after a long day at work and play the game together. Which is already better than I could have hoped. She wants to play games with me!

We finished up our playthrough of the main story shortly after I last wrote. With that complete, we had all of the different characters needed to run around the four world maps and get all of the collectibles, right? Not quite. Most of them, surebut not all. We've gotta unlock more of the dinosaurs for that. Which means replaying through each level in Free Play mode where we can play with whatever characters we want and collecting the Amber Brick in each level.

Now, I've played enough of the LEGO games to know that we can make that mission much easier on ourselves by collecting the Red Bricks and unlocking the "cheats" like Minikit Finder or Amber Brick Finder. So I suggested we go ahead and play around in the world maps and collect what we can, all the while gathering enough studs to buy the Red Bricks as we unlocked them. She became amazed as the multiplier bonuses of the Studs x2, Studs x4, Studs x6, etc. Red Bricks combined with one another (to the point where we currently have a x384 multiplier and billions of studs). Our mutual OCD nature was also appeased when we unlocked the Stud Magnet brick that meant we didn't have to clamor for every loose stud we came across; they would come to us.

Anyway, through all of this, we wound up going from one map to another, or playing through some of the bonus levels. This meant a lot of loading screens and led to the quote above, which had me in hysterics. Loading screens in LEGO Jurassic World feature "Mr. DNA" from the original Jurassic Park film, providing various dinosaur factoids. Late one night, during a session where Cat just wanted to get a few more Gold Bricks before bed, she yelled at the TV "I hate Mr. DNA! He represents waiting and I hate waiting!" It was a great moment between us that will no doubt turn into a cute little inside joke throughout our relationship about the pains of loading screens.

At this point, we've healed all of the dinosaurs and taken all the pictures. We're well over 200 Gold Bricks (out of the game's 275) and we've unlocked almost all of the characters/costumes. It'll be a treat to make this Catherine's first game on PlayStation and, most likely, her first Platinum Trophy as well as we wrap this game up in the coming week or so.