PlayStation Experience - Day Two

The End

PlayStation Experience 2015 has come to a close.

Today was a game-filled day. I found time throughout the final day to play 10 games on the show floor, ranging from stuff I'm actually interested in (AlienationGravity Rush Remaster) to games I'll probably never touch again (Disney Infinity, Just Cause 3, Driveclub Bikes), as well as upcoming showcases (Ratchet & ClankShadow of the Beast) and then the occasionally Indie surprise that caught me as I walked by (Read Only MemoriesTumblestone). As alluded to yesterday, I'll be writing a full game impressions piece later this week.

The Workload

I often hear games media personalities talk about the stress and long hours that go along with conventions. This weekend has definitely felt a lot like that. I've spent long hours attending panels, playing games, networking, and writing this weekend.

And I've been loving it.

Now I'm not under any kind of delusion that what I did this weekend is like the content IGN, Gamespot, or the other big sites produce. Rather than a multitude of articles provided a base news report of a given item, I'm compiling the whole experience into a few separate posts with my own editorializing. And during the Keynote I was spending as much time checking Twitter and crafting my own live tweets as I was actually watching the conference. If I were working somewhere like IGN, I'd probably be writing a series of quick articles detailing the announcement and including a couple of related links from around the site. Which I'm sure I could manage. But right now I really appreciate getting to approach it as a "host" would: noting some highlights for discussion and glazing over the parts that don't speak to me personally.

The Wear and Tear

But I will also admit that today, in particular, started wearing on me. All weekend, I've been carrying my NES Controller laptop bag with my laptop, Vita, 3DS, and other miscellaneous supplies (chargers, pens, etc.) over my shoulder. And damn my shoulder and back were sore today. As were my feet. Walking from the hotel to the convention center was a 10-15-minute trip. Then you're standing in line a lot of the time. And even when you're playing the game, you're usually standing up. Then you walk to the next game. I definitely found myself taking more breaks today to sit and recover, today (probably because I spent half of Saturday sitting for the Keynote and the Panels).

But I wouldn't trade it for the world. This was my third event in San Francisco here and people at IGN know me, by name, when I go up to them to tell them my thoughts on a certain piece of news or content. That's a great feeling! So this time around I was bold enough to hand out business cards and seek out feedback. I don't know if any of them will but I'm hopeful. And if not, they still might remember me even better next time.

The Look

I made a very deliberate wardrobe choice on this trip. Every day I had the same basic look: my red suede shoes, black dress slacks, a PlayStation-related T-shirt (with another one underneath for warmth), a sports coat, and a pair of 8-bit sunglasses keeping my hair out of my face. This is the new brand I'm working to establish and I'm hopeful it's working. I received a lot of compliments on how sharp I looked or how cool my glasses were so I'm quite happy with the response so far.

The Friends

As I've written about before, last year's PlayStation Experience was a very solitary one for me. Since then, everything with Kinda Funny has happened. I even had a few people talk to me about my time on the Gamescast, which was so so SO awesome and humbling! But other than that I was almost always hanging out with people outside of the show. I typically hit the games alone but meals, panels, after parties, or just random stops around the convention center were almost always pleasantly filled with friends from the Kinda Funny community, some of whom I met on previous trips, others whom I only knew online, and some I didn't even know at all. In fact, I had an Uber Pool back to the hotel after dinner with friends and got paired up with a couple who were also in town for PSX. Turns out they were Kinda Funny fans as well and we chatted about the show and shared contact and project information.

Back at the hotel, I hung out with another group of ten to wind down the trip and just shoot the shit.

And now I'm finishing this post all while Sean Pitts, Jonathan "Xyger" Landeros, Tom Hawkins, Andy Cortez, and I chat about anything and everything at a diner at 2:30 in the morning.