PlayStation Experience - Day Zero

PlayStation Experience starts tomorrow. But a whole bunch of people, myself included, got into town early for the event.

My day started off with my flight from Phoenix to San Francisco. Per Twitter and Facebook, I knew a few other Phoenicians and I were going to be on the same flight. Firstly, I ran into the guys from Radio PlayStation right in front of me in the security line. Next, I ran into my buddy, Nate, whom I had met at Kinda Funny Live and then again at the Beyond 400/Unlocked 200 IGN House Party. After the flight, we shared an Uber from the airport to our hotel and dropped off our bags, where I ran into Brittney Brombacher (aka Blondenerd). And we grabbed a quick breakfast while waiting for our roommates to arrive and check-in.

Then I got word that my Kinda Funny who's who of roommates had arrived at the hotel: Jonathan Xyger Landeros, Andy Cortez, and the 3/4 crew behind Knerds Online (Sean Pitts, Tom Hawkins, and Fred Sully), along with fellow Kinda Funny podcast alum: Alex Aziz. Throughout the day I would run into countless other friends I've made in this online community this past year.

As our group gathered together, we left the hotel for the IGN Offices where we were enjoying their monthly First Friday event featuring a tour of the offices and Q & A with some of the staff. It was great seeing a lot of their friendly faces again and I got to see some parts of the offices that were locked down for E3 prep when I was here in May. The Q & A was great and insightful. I asked if they had begun devising strategies for how to cover the ever-growing interest in VR. Some weren't quite sure what they'd do that would be compelling but they're definitely thinking about how to approach it.

While at IGN, I got to say hi to friendly faces like Jared Petty and jokingly threaten Max Scoville and Brian Altano that Alex O'Neill of Irrational Passions were coming after their jobs.

I also got to share the exciting news with Brian that SisQó had followed me the night before. Near the end of the event, I tweeted out a picture from the IGN Q & A:

After leaving IGN, news broke that the PS2 emulation on PlayStation 4 with Trophies was indeed real and launching with eight titles, including one of my favorites: Dark Cloud. I tweeted out a quick thank you tweet at Shuhei Yoshida (who was credited on the blog post). Within the span of 15 minutes, IGN retweeted me and Shu responded to my tweet. Our large Kinda Funny group split into a couple different groups. Knowing that I'll be staying with Sean, Tom, and others all weekend, I chose to join Alex, Barrett Courtney and a few others for some grilled cheese sandwiches before picking up our badges for PlayStation Experience. During lunch, I took the time to thank Kiersten Slader and Kyle O'Connor for coordinating the First Friday event.

At the badge pick-up, our group saw Adam Boyes and Gio Corsi walk by. I tweeted at them hoping that Gio would be wearing a jersey tomorrow and both favorited the tweet. Then our group walked back over to 21st Amendment for some drinks and conversation. My phone pretty much died at this point. Eventually, we walked back to our hotel and hung out a bit while my phone recharged before joining the Kinda Funny meetup across town, led in part by Kaylie Woomer. By the time we arrived, the group was just about to disband and head back across town to Jillian's (the site of tomorrow's Just Cause 3/Kinda Funny meet and greet). A small contingent walked down the wharf to In-and-Out instead. I hadn't eaten in awhile so I grabbed a 3x3 and cheese fries before catching a lift to the bar. At the bar, we enjoyed an open bar for an hour or so. I ran into Brittney/Blondenerd again and gave her an awkward hug (at her request). I ran into more awesome Kinda Funny friends like Nikki Powell of Lipstick Nerds and Xavier Ramos, a fellow-Phoenician who lives about a mile from me. As we left to return to the hotel (and it's bar), none other than Pandamusk was outside (ironic as Tom Hawkins and I had just been discussing him in the bar).

I got back to the hotel and as many of the Best Friends went upstairs to the bar, I returned to the room and recharge my phone again, as well as write the first edition of this post. Then I headed over to the party brewing upstairs at the hotel bar. Amidst the beautiful 46th floor view overlooking the city, the real beauty was witnessing all of these friends from across the world meet and strike up new friendships after having only ever interacted online before. And the party became particularly "LIT" when Grimecraft joined us. Soon, the long hours of the day began to take their toll so I decided to head back to the room in order to complete this entry before going off to bed.

For tomorrow will be another busy day.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Anybody who I've linked in this article is well worth a follow on Twitter.