Scouting the Commonwealth - Day ???

I've completely lost track of how many days I've spent scouring the Commonwealth at this point. But with the year winding down, I'm aiming to get through the rest of the main story of Fallout 4 so I can visit a few more games before I start putting together my Game of the Year lists. As a result, I'll likely be retiring this series for the time being. But first, I'll recap some of the highlights since I last wrote...

Adventures Big and Small

I finally tracked down the Silver Shroud quest line and played that out. Playing as a woman, I thought it was a little dumb that all of the Speak as Shroud options are clearly meant for a male player but they were dumb fun nonetheless. I even managed to get through the quest with Kent intact. It took a few tries but I figured it had to be possible and indeed it was. Just had to use some different dialogue options to convince the big bad to try to kill me in front of Kent and break his spirit. Pretty much any other route led to Kent getting a bullet to the back of the head first.

I also complete Nick Valentine's personal quest. It was certainly a tedious one, having to traverse the map for 10 police stations/holotapes but the back story it revealed about Nick and his pre-war ties was really interesting. Fortunately, I had already tracked down a few of the Eddie Winter tapes as I went along. For those who don't know, each tape has a number hidden in it that all make up a code to Winter's secure bunker. I even had a notepad going on my phone where I was jotting down each number of the code as I found it, not realizing the game would do that heavy lifting for me once all 10 tapes were collected.

Speaking of companions, I helped Curie out with one of her requests (no spoilers) and now I'm traveling around with Hancock of Goodneighbor.

Story-wise, I finally headed out into the Glowing Sea in some sexy Hot Pink Power Armor and now I'm attempting to track down a way into the Institute.

I Am S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

I've worked my way up to Level 40. S=9, P=7, E=6, C=7, I=8, A=6, L=6. And I'm loaded up with Perks that have allowed for lots of Crafting: Armorer (4), Astoundingly Awesome 2, 4, 6-8, Awareness, Barbarian (5), Black Widow (2), Blacksmith, Bloody Mess, Cap Collector (2), Close to Metal, Covert Operations (6), Demolition Expert, Gun Nut (4), Guns and Bullets (3), Hacker (3), Junktown Vendor, Live & Love 1-2, 5, Local Leader (2), Locksmith (3), Massachusetts Surgery, Medic, Mysterious Stranger, Pickpocket (2), Science! (3), Scrapper (2), Tesla Science (3), Unstoppable (2).

Bug Report

Been very fortunate that I haven't really been running into any severe glitches. I ran into one issue when I was supposed to speak to someone during a quest but he just blew me off so I couldn't continue the quest. Fortunately, when I got frustrated to the point of killing him, that triggered the next person I needed to talk to and I wound up being able to complete the quest after all.

The only other frustration I've really come across has been trying to find companions who aren't where I sent them. But fortunately Google has been helpful in tracking down the most common places to find them.