Co-op with Catherine #4

Following the mostly successful trek through LEGO Jurassic World together, Catherine and I decided LEGO Dimensions would probably work well as a next game to play through together. So for her birthday last month, I got her the game and a handful of the sets. First, I gave her the Wizard of Oz set. We recently got our first dog together and named her Elphaba (or Elphie for short) after the Witch from the musical Wicked (based on The Wizard of Oz).

Elphie in the rare picture she stood still for...

Elphie in the rare picture she stood still for...

I also picked up the Level Packs that were available at the time (The SimpsonsBack to the Future, and Portal). Because she got screwed out the trophies last time, I insisted we play through on her login so she could get the trophies and if I really wanted the Platinum I could eventually go back and play through on my own account.

In the nearly month since starting, we've gotten through two of the levels from the core game, the Simpsons level, and as of tonight the Doctor Who level (which we just picked up as big fans of the show). We just haven't been able to get into this one, progress-wise. On more than one occasion, Catherine has literally fallen asleep while playing. Even last night as we dove into the Doctor Who level, she was giddy with all of the references to the show but she couldn't stay awake to even complete the level. So I saved it and we returned to it tonight. We finished the level and started playing around in the hub world and again, she fell asleep on the couch next to me. Oops, she just woke up as I wrote that.

I think a part of the issue we're running into is that the puzzles are a bit more obtuse in this iteration. In addition to the characters having their own abilities, they get some extra abilities by moving them around the toy pad but it's not always immediately apparent when we're supposed to be interacting with it. Additionally, there's something a bit weary about running into collectible after collectible that we can't obtain because we don't have the character or vehicle needed to unlock it (fortunately TT Games seems to have heard this complaint by patching in the ability to temporarily unlock characters using in-game studs instead of require people to go out and buy every single set.

That said, the toys-to-life component of being able to build the little LEGO sets is delightful. Cat was so excited to put together the little TARDIS figure last night and she's talking about putting up a shelf in our living room to store and display all of our little sets.

I have no doubt we'll keep chugging away at this one because it certainly is entertaining, even if it isn't grabbing us in the way that the more focused entry of LEGO Jurassic World did.