Scouting the Commonwealth - Days 11-12

Short post today. I spent the little bit of time played yesterday fast-traveling back and forth with Nick between Sanctuary Hills and The Castle, moving all of my gear from the former to the latter. Then I realized the game clock was nearing Christmas so I thought I'd enjoy the game's Christmas Easter Egg.

Christmas in Diamond City

Christmas in Diamond City

Today I finished moving all of my gear to The Castle. Then I visited a couple miscellaneous locales in the Wasteland and finished up a couple of random side quests. One of these being a trip to the Boston Public Library and nabbing the Intelligence Bobblehead.

I also came across a non-descript boxing gym. With Creed coming out this weekend, I thought for a split-second this was a Rocky reference before remembering that series is set in Philadelphia. I did find another little quirky Easter Egg planted by the developers though...

Now I'm enjoying some time with Catherine and Marvel's Jessica Jones until I return to the Commonwealth later tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!