Scouting the Commonwealth - Days 8-10

Day 8

While at work on Thursday, I caught up on this week's Vault IGN, my go-to Fallout 4 podcast hosted by the superb Jared Petty. In that episode, Sean Finnegan detailed his adventure at Thicket Excavations, which sounded eerily similar to my own. We both stumbled upon the quarry and helped the guy there by diving into the water and fixing the pump. Then we both read his terminal logs after the fact.  "Cool," I thought, and then a couple of the other members of the podcast told him that he should go back when he was more leveled up. "I've leveled up," so I couldn't wait to get home and check out that quarry.

But first I had to finish the Railroad quest I was on to get in with them. I like Deacon and his Fallout-esque sense of humor. And since I was losing companions left and right (I'd sent Preston, Nick, and Dogmeat back to Sanctuary Hills but couldn't find them. It turned out Preston and Nick were waiting at their next mission points and Dogmeat was back where I first met him). Anyway, I joined the Railroad and then I headed back to the quarry. And what a nice surprise to find that the waters had drained and a band of raiders had moved in. Another instance of the world changing that I absolutely adore.

Day 9

For Day 9, I took back the Castle for the Minutemen. Then spent a good chunk of time tidying the place up and moving settlers to this side of the map. I also went to the Memory Den with Nick and had my suspicions from a previous post verified.

Day 10

Today I continued collecting Eddie Winter tapes for Nick (I'd already stumbled across a couple before he asked me to look into them today). I also ran another mission for the Brotherhood of Steel today and killed my first Behemoth. I also spent a while loading up gear from the Workshop at Sanctuary Hills and lugging it to The Castle. Also unlocked Artillery strikes with the Minutemen and the Brotherhood. Could come in handy...

I Am S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Up to Level 27. S=7, P=6, E=6, C=6, I=7, A=4, L=6.

As for my Perks:

Armorer, Astoundingly Awesome 4, Astoundingly Awesome 7, Astoundingly Awesome 8, Awareness, Barbarian (4), Black Widow (2), Blacksmith, Bloody Mess, Cap Collector (2), Covert Operations (3), Gun Nut (2), Guns and Bullets (2), Hacker (3), Junktown Vendor, Live & Love 2, Local Leader (2), Locksmith (2), Medic, Mysterious Stranger, Science! (2), Scrapper (2), Tesla Science, Unstoppable (2).

Still sitting at 6 Bobbleheads: Perception, Repair, Melee, Speech, Energy Weapons, and Medicine.

Bug Report

No noticeable bugs the past few days. Outside of some framerate dips, it's been a relatively smooth week. Especially once I realized that my missing companions weren't bugs. Though I really hope they had an update that adds Companion locations to the map...