Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 7

After a couple of days away from the Wasteland, today I returned with a vengeance. Things I did today:

  • Mixed paint.
  • Shot down a Vertibird
  • Got blown up two separate times by the same set of mutants:
    • Once by a Missile Launcher.
    • Once by a Suicide Mutant.
  • Triggered the "Ranger Corps" Trophy (Discovered 100 Locations).
  • Tracked down some baseball paraphenalia for a guy who thinks the sport was about each team beating the other to death with bats.
  • Cleared out a Brewery.
  • Cooked a Mirelurk Omelette.
  • Picked a shit-ton of crops.
  • Flirted with Paladin Danse.
  • Failed at Flirting with Paladin Danse (should have put that Agatha Dress back on).
  • Looted Paul Revere's House.
  • Triggered the "Animal Control" Trophy (Killed 300 Creatures).
  • Followed the Freedom Trail to Old North Church.

All that stuff said, I didn't gain a single level. I think I'm going to have to retire Paladin Danse for awhile. He's great to have by your side in combat but because his Gatling Laser is killing most things before I can, I'm just not getting any experience points with him.