Co-op With Catherine #5

When Fallout 4 came out last week, Catherine was great about understanding how much that game meant to me and how much time I'd be putting into it. When it was announced, I was spending a lot of time at her old apartment before we moved in together and she let me bring my PlayStation 3 over so that I could replay through Fallout 3 in the mornings while she slept in.

On launch day, she invited her best friend over so they could hang out together with our puppy Elphie and leave me alone with the game. And she's been great about letting me have the free time to play it since. So I was all too happy to acquiesce to her wish to go back and play through a little bit of LEGO Dimensions tonight. As I described in the last installment of "Co-op With Catherine," it's been a bit of a slough to get through the game though.

We hit a new record tonight though with the Ninjago level. As soon as the level started, Elphie started acting like she was going to go to the bathroom so rather than let her have an accident in the house, I got up and took her outside while Cat started the level. A few minutes later, Cat hadn't really progressed so I worked out what we were supposed to do and instructed her as needed. Most LEGO game levels are broken up into three stages. Cat barely made it through the first stage tonight before telling me to play the rest of the level myself while she watches (which is code for immediately falls asleep). So I finished the level so we'll be ready to progress next time. It's not like either of us have any deep connection to the Ninjago IP so I don't think she missed anything (hell, I didn't even know if this level was the Ninjago one or the Chima one until the end of the level when the music kept saying Ninjago over and over again).

One of these days we'll play and she'll be awake long enough to open and build through the remaining Level Packs, Team Packs, and Fun Packs, let alone the core game itself...