Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 5

The Warm, Fuzzy Feeling of Fetch-Questing

When I left off yesterday, the Brotherhood of Steel had just flown into town. So I joined up with Paladin Danse and caught a Vertibird to their answer to The Avengers Helicarrier: the Prydwen. After getting a minor promotion and a new set of Power Armor, I set about running a lot of miscellaneous quests for the Minutemen, the Brotherhood, and Valentine today. And there was where I really felt like I was playing the Fallout universe's version of Skyrim for the first time.

Both of the Minutemen and Brotherhood of Steel factions have me exploring repeated alternate versions of the same quest: go to this site on the map, clear it of the baddies present, and return (sometimes with a specific item) for your reward. It's the dynamic quest system Bethesda developed in Skyrim with a Fallout 4 coat of paint on it. Described as I have here, it may seem very reductive. But I actually appreciate that it has a seemingly endless number of quests to give me. I don't have to do them all now of course so I'll go and play around with the more "one-time-only" quests, but it's great to know that if I want to up my standing with a faction that these types of fetch quests are available to me.

Similarly, the "Investigate Detective Files" action for Valentine started as a simple sub-quest of the big Miscellaneous category. These serve as those kinds of quests you received in Skyrim or Mass Effect 3 where you didn't even have a backstory to fill you in on the "why?" You just overheard an NPC say something like "I can't believe you left [insert item here] in [insert location here]" while you were running the bases in Diamond City to unlock the Home Run Trophy (*hint hint*). And now you've got a little box to check off telling you to go to that place and find that gun if you want it. These are the little things that kept me coming back to Skyrim for a few hundred hours and I look forward to enjoying there here as well.

I Am S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Up to Level 19. S=6, P=6, E=5, C=6, I=7, A=4, L=4. I threw a couple of points into upping my Charisma today so that I could add the Local Leader Perk and play around with connecting my settlements. Pro-tip (because it's not exactly explained unless you go digging into the help menu):

  1. Once you have Local Leader Level 1, you can setup Supply Lines to connect your Workshop resources between Settlements.
  2. In the Workshop mode, go to a Settler and you'll see a prompt for Supply Line.
  3. Select the prompt and you'll be asked which other settlement you want them to connect to. For example, I store all of my stuff in Sanctuary but if I build a Supply Line between there and Tenpines Bluff, I can go to Tenpines Bluff and build using all of the resources still back at Sanctuary.

Hope that helps somebody out there.

As for my Perks, I feel like I've been finding a lot of magazines recently:

Armorer, Astoundingly Awesome 4, Astoundingly Awesome 8, Awareness, Barbarian (3), Black Widow (2), Blacksmith, Bloody Mess, Cap Collector, Covert Operations (2), Gun Nut, Guns and Bullets, Hacker, Live & Love 2, Local Leader (2), Locksmith, Mysterious Stranger, Science!, Scrapper, Tesla Science, Unstoppable.

Bug Report

I'm noticing a bit more frame stuttering when I come out of my Pip-Boy. Other than that, the only really noticeable moment I had today was when I was having a conversation with somebody and Valentine sat down in between us. The weird thing was that there was no chair for him to be sitting on. Those are some pretty strong Synth legs to support that kind of counterweight...