Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 3 and 4

NOTE: Probable spoilers for Fallout 4 below...

Day 3 - The Film Noiriest

The big event of Day 3 in the Commonwealth centered around tracking down Detective Nick Valentine. Having already talked with a few people in Diamond City, I was familiar with the notion that the Synth are the boogeymen in the game. So I'm not quite sure what to think about everyone being so nonchalant about one living among them ("His eyes are so creepy," says real-life Catherine). I await some kind of narrative to discuss how the other characters feel about Nick.

I also stumbled across the Silver Shroud backstory in Hubris Comics on my way to save Nick. That was a fun little side story. I look forward to seeing how that plays out as I discovered that the Silver Shroud outfit is a Quest Item so I await the opportunity to find out more about that side quest. So between Valentine and the Dick Tracy-esque Shroud, the theme of the day was clearly film noir.

Day 4 - The One About the Shakespearean Super Mutant and the Baby Stealer

Day 4 began with me delving into the side quest to climb Trinity Tower and save a guy from Super Mutants. Shortly after the Brotherhood of Steel missions on Day 2, I walked into a nearby building, saw some Meat Bags lying around and said "Nope!", turned tail, and ran away. I did not want to deal with Super Mutants. But I'd leveled up a lot and finally made it to Diamond City so I was feeling good. Plus, a change of pace from the Feral Ghouls was all too welcome. The quest itself was mostly uneventful. I climbed the tower, killing wave after wave of Super Mutants as I fought my way to the top. Once at the top, I was surprised to find a Super Mutant being held captive alongside Rex, the man who had sent the distress call. I appreciated the banter between these two and discovering that Strong the Super Mutant was interested in the play Mack Beth. I look forward to finding some time to travel the Commonwealth with him in search for that mother's milk...

After that detour, I decided to get back on track finding Shaun. Here's another probable spoiler for this main quest that I'm hypothesizing on without having played past the point of confronting the kidnapper. I've been pretty sure since the beginning of the game that I'm not actually looking for "baby" Shaun. When he's kidnapped you go back into cryo-sleep for an indeterminate amount of time. This immediately signaled to me that more time had passed. The game seems to be gearing up towards a "twist" of "Shaun's all grown up" and while I can appreciate that from a narrative standpoint, I'm a little annoyed that my character hasn't once considered that more time passed in that second round of cryo-sleep since she already knows she was frozen for 200+ years total. I keep wishing for a dialogue option to give me the chance to voice "hey, you know what? I keep saying they kidnapped my baby, and they did, but that could have been years ago so let's consider a wider pool than just babies..." Based on the tidbits learned from the kidnapper, this hypothesis seems to be on the right track. So I just wished the game hadn't telegraphed it to me as much. All it would have taken would have been this:

After the people grab Shaun in the Vault, they open your tube as well and knock you out (with the butt of a gun or a security baton or something). This blackout would hide the fact that you went back to being a popsicle and you could just come to when the Vault emergency system starts going off.

Really, my only gripe with the way this was presented was that you saw yourself go back into the frozen slumber but your character seems to conveniently forget that entirely.

Anyway, rant aside, I'm still really enjoying the game. All of the stuff there in Fort Hagen was fun. I died a lot in the final battle there because I kept getting a grenade thrown my way with nowhere to run. That was a bit crappy but eventually I got down a good strategy and was about to kill the guy when the Mysterious Stranger came and finished him off for me. A win's a win so I have no problem with that. And leaving the building to see all of the vertibirds flying in overhead: yeah, that was pretty cool. Definitely didn't have those moments in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas.

Tomorrow it looks like I'm back with the Brotherhood...

Stats Breakdown - TBD (my game is off, Catherine is snoozing on the couch and I don't want to turn it back on and wake her just for the SPECIAL and Perks breakdown. Related though I did discover I could build the Bobblehead Stand and Magazine Rack back at my settlement to showcase my sexy Bobbleheads and Comic Books.

Bug Report

Don't know if this quite counts as a bug, but I was reading through Piper's article on my vault dweller Miss Catherine as it would appear the scripting for men vs. women is off. It would seem it was written for the male character and then when the female character is selected, they just ran a find and replace on "his" to "hers" but in the context of the story, "her" is the appropriate selection. For example, the game has something to the effect of "hers son" instead of "her son." Oops.

Bug That Wasn't a Bug Report

As Dogmeat tracked down the kidnapper, I had Valentine with me. After a battle en route, I turned around to see Preston Garvey coming upon us from behind. Thinking it was a bug, I went to interact with him to see how this played out. To my surprise it was a Preston Garvey Impersonator trying to get money from me for the Minutemen. Touché, Fallout 4. Well met.