Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 2

I began my second day in the Commonwealth exploring more of the map and doing a couple side quests. I find it particularly funny selecting the sarcastic quips in conversation that basically suggest Miss Catherine doesn't give a flying fuck about her missing son. At least that's how I'm enjoying interpreting it.

The World's a Dangerous Place

I am dying a lot. Having replayed through Fallout 3 this summer, there is a definite difficulty spike between the two games. I can't just go rushing headlong into battles like I'm used to. I'm scouting out areas and picking off enemies one by one, almost as if Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had been preparing me for this.

One particularly enjoyable skirmish came as I infiltrated the Corvega Assembly Plant. After dying a few times outside the plant, I finally managed to isolated Raiders one by one until everyone outside was dead. Then I headed in using an upper level entrance. I was almost immediately speed and attacked by a handful off enemies inside. I yelled "Shit!" and fled back outside. The six enemies followed me and we're all grouped at the for attacking Dogmeat. So I threw a grenade at the huddle and blew them all to hell! Mwahaha. Then I Quicksaved because I didn't want to have to try that again. Quicksave is becoming my best friend (sorry Dogmeat).

You've Got a Friend in Me

Speaking of friends, I spent the better part of the day traveling with Preston Harvey on Minutemen business. Much as I like Dogmeat, having another ranged fighter is coming in far more handy. We freed up a couple more settlements, then ran a mission with the Brotherhood of Steel, where I ran into the Synths for the first time. 

In my first attempt, I missed a conversation prompt with Paladin Danse so I didn't know to expect them. After they killed me handily the first time. I equipped a nifty Laser Rifle and let him and Preston do a lot of the heavy lifting while I hung back and took a couple out from a distance. This mission probably had one of my favorite moments in the game so far, too. I won't spoil it here other then to say DO THE OPTIONAL TASKS IN "CALL TO ARMS!" Totally worth it. And I also got my first Legendary weapon from that mission.

So after today, I'm a member of the Minutemen and the Brotherhood of Steel. That's probably gonna cause issues later...

Updated Stats

I'm up to level 11 now. S=5, P=6, E=4, C=4, I=8, A=4, L=3 and Perks are as follows: Awareness, Barbarian (2), Black Widow (2), Blacksmith, Cap Collector, Covert Operations, Gun Nut, Hacker, Locksmith, Science!, Scrapper, and Tesla Science. Still enjoying this build. Now that I'm unlocking some of the crafting Perks, I'm appreciating that system a bit more.

Bug Report

As bugs are a staple of these games, I figured I'd add a section highlighting any that I run into. But I haven't really had anything significant of note. Only an instance of the subtitles not popping up in one of my conversations with Sturges. But I'll keep an eye out.

I finally made it to Diamond City so we'll see where that leads tomorrow.