Scouting the Commonwealth - Day 1

It's finally here. Fallout 4 has arrived. Delivered as my work day neared an end, I came home to find my Pip-Boy Special Edition copy of the game ready and waiting for me. Before diving into the game, though, I wanted to prepare myself so I gathered some of my recent paraphernalia and changed out of my work attire and planted myself on the couch for the evening's festivities.

Dressed for the Commonwealth.

Dressed for the Commonwealth.

If I had managed to get my hands on the Nuka Cola Quantum, I'd've included that instead of the throwback Pepsi products.

If I had managed to get my hands on the Nuka Cola Quantum, I'd've included that instead of the throwback Pepsi products.

Once that had been taken care of, I was ready to dive in. Actually, I was smart enough to start installing the game while I set up my little shrine. So I was soon ready to start anew. I went ahead and ran through the character creation stuff. Disappointed that a curly-headed look such as my own is not featured in the game but oh well.

What's in a Name?

I did a little research into some of the names programmed into the game and learned that neither Trevor, nor Starkey made the cut. No huge surprises there. The closest I could've gotten was Mr. Stark (which I'll admit has pretty much been the plan if I ever joined Actors Equity or the Screen Actors Guild - Trevor Stark just has a bit more bite to it). 

But instead, I learned that Catherine is an option in the game so I decided to play through as a female instead. I feel like, if past games are any indication, the Black Widow perk is way more useful than the Lady Killer perk but we'll see if that's the case here. Anyway, hearing Codsworth say "Miss Catherine" is pretty cool and will probably score me some bonus points with my own Catherine when she occasionally watches me play.

My Build

So far, I'm focusing on Charisma and Intelligence. I set my initial stats as follows: Intelligence = 6; Strength, Perception, Endurance, and Charisma = 4; Agility and Luck = 3. Five levels in and I'm now sitting at Intelligence = 8 (+1 from reading the You're SPECIAL! book when returning to my house post-vault and +1 from an Ushanka Hat); Strength and Perception = 5 (Strength +1 from Army Fatigues and Perception +1 from the Bobblehead); Endurance, Charisma, and Agility = 4 (Agility +1 from Army Fatigues); and Luck = 3.

Five levels in and I've picked up the aforementioned Black Widow perk, Cap Collector, Hacker, and Locksmith. As well as the 1st level of the Barbarian perk for picking up an issue of Grognak.

Good to be Back

So far, I've spent most of my time with the game just exploring and enjoying being back in the Fallout world. I just returned to Sanctuary after picking up the Power Armor and fighting off the Deathclaw. The whole experience has been a blast so far. The only hiccups I'm really running into are the controls. I'm just not used to them yet so when I get into a fire fight I wind up flailing around a bit before remember V.A.T.S. is over on L1 now instead of R2. But given the amount of time I plan on spending with this game, I'm sure I'll re-acclimate myself soon enough.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a son to save and a world to explore.