Co-op with Catherine #3

Not too long after the last installment of Co-op with Catherine, I realized that some of the collect-athon trophies in LEGO Jurassic World that had popped for me hadn't been popping for Catherine. After doing some additional research, I learned that this is unfortunately pretty commonplace for the LEGO games. I found this fairly irksome. If you're designing the game specifically to be a co-op/family experience, why not design it so that the trophies or achievements are earned by both players?

Yes, if this plan were not implemented carefully, it could mean easy trophies for those who choose to abuse the system. I wouldn't want the ability to load up my saved game and give my co-op partner who jumps into my game for the first time gets the trophy for collecting all of the thingamabobs right off the bat. But at the same time, it's not fair that Catherine, who played through the entirety of the game with me start to finish misses out on these trophies because we were playing in a save on my account.

Sure enough, as Cat and I played through the final hours of the game, I got the trophy for rescuing all of the Workers in Peril and she did not. I got the trophy for collecting all mini-kits and she did not. I got the Platinum Trophy and she did not. 

TT Games: please put in the extra coding effort to give co-op players equal trophy support.

TT Games: please put in the extra coding effort to give co-op players equal trophy support.

We completed 100% of the game together but because TT Games only coded the trophies to the Player 1, our lists look drastically different on this game. I was upset because I had been looking forward to celebrating her first game on PlayStation ending with that oh-so-satisfying Platinum Trophy feeling. I even offered to go through and replay the game on her account to get her the missing trophies.

But Catherine was just happy to have spent the time playing through the game with me. She doesn't have any kind of affinity to her PSN Trophy level. The whole experience was just for the two of us to spend time together. Trophies would have just been an added perk. I even asked if she'd want to play the next one (probably LEGO Dimensions) on her account and she said, "nah. I know they're more important to you."

No word on what we'll be playing next. She's eager for me to go back to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt because that was "way more fun to watch" than Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I imagine the next proper Co-op game will be LEGO Dimensions but I might introduce her to a bit of Journey in the meantime. Stay tuned...