Welcome to the Trevor Trove...

This site is meant as a place where I - Trevor "Snarky" Starkey - can share my riches (i.e. my thoughts on Video Games, Television, Movies, etc.).

Get it? Because Trevor Trove sounds like "Treasure Trove?" You have a 3rd grade substitute teacher to thank for that play on words. During roll call, she incorrectly said "Treasure Starkey" (as if that would be a REAL name). So I guess the idea has been bouncing around in the back of my head for over 20 years and now comes to fruition.

Starting November 1, 2015. I took a page out of my friend Alex O'Neill's book (from IrrationalPassions.com) and dedicated my efforts to producing daily video game content for my site.

After a few hundred days, I got burnt out but all that stuff is deep within my Gaming archive.

Eventually, I restarted with daily video content, expanding into movies, wrestling, anime, tv, and comics, and a miscellaneous grab-bag of whatever I wanted to talk about. I did this for a year and got burnt out again.

So I'm currently in a hiatus, trying to figure out how to do this without the getting burnt out part. But I just renewed the website for another year so hopefully that sparks something..


In the meantime, here's a list of where you can keep track of me online (social media, gaming IDs, and whatnot). And feel free to email feedback to Trevor@trevortrove.com. I'd love to hear from you.